Social Gaming Companies – Get Connected


Social Gaming Companies – Get Connected

Where were social gaming companies when we were kids? Thank goodness for Wii Nintendo and XBox.

Remember back in the 1980s and 90s when we (for those of us whom are 70s/80s babies) were in school and couldn’t wait to get home to play our Nintendo and/or Sega Genesis games with the family? T.G.I.F. right? Because if you lived in a household like mine, from Monday-Thursday, you had to look at mom and dad play ‘your’ video game, because it was off limits to you until the weekend. And don’t let it have been Pac Man or Super Mario brothers. Then that was really a bomber.

And there was also that time when if you wanted to challenge one of your friends on a game, you’d either have to go to one of their homes vice versa or save up on your weekly allowances to meet up with them on the weekend at one of the arcades.

Lets move to years later, the late 90s era, when the world wide web came into being and just about anything you could find was accessible over the internet, including online games. One could even play poker against someone across the world and chat with them. And if fast forwarding to today’s social gaming companies, which makes challenges personal, as you can now see as well as chat with your opponent(s). Pretty cool stuff huh?

Oh don’t take my word for it, though I’m familiar with it all. Yet check out Game Face Gaming, the hottest company bringing you the coolest way to compete, improve on your skills and get personal with real person.

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