Hoodrat of the day – arrested for child neglect; riding 8 month old in baby stroller in the back of pickup truck

She must had to been smoking that powered white that day because BOYYYY was this stupid. Keyona Davis (aka @$$shole) of Daytona Beach, FL, decided that she would take an 8 month old child, who she was hired to babysit, for a ride….in a baby stroller…in the back of a truck. Yeah….She was geeked up. And thankfully she was arrested and remains in jail today.

I hope they got the driver as well. Arrest the parents too. I do have to blame the parent first. Yet maybe I should lay off them just a little. However, there are too many cases to which children have died at the hands of their babysitters. A couple months back, I myself went to the funeral of a 3 year old cousin of a close friend of mine, who was abused by their babysitter, which of course lead to the child’s death.

Put her under the jail.