Is ‘Watch The Throne’ a CLASSIC?

Seems like some haterism is going on in the rap game. Every since Jay Z and Kanye West released the statement that they would drop an album together, ‘Watch The Throne’, many EMCEES have been going on a twitter raid dissing the Jiggaman and the Louis Vutton Don. However, it didn’t stop there. West Coast rapper and Aftermath Records signee, Game has even went on to record his own version of Jay and Yeezy’s ‘Otis’ in which he takes shot at Jay Z; yet making a statement on a radio interview that he was just having fun and his shots are not meant to be taken serious.

What’s all the ‘Watch The Throne’ bashing about? Do you think it has lived up to its hype? As for me, I certify it, PHENOMENAL. Much need in the falling game of lyricism as both Jay Z and Kanye is making these rappers step their pen game up.

Check out the video of Jay Z and Kanye West ‘Otis’ lifted from their ‘Watch The Throne’ album. Oh and be on the look out for Bigg Run P’s version of it over a, coming to you real soon.