Jay Z speaks Obama

Despite the current state on this failing American economy, hip hop mogul and Roc Nation CEO Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter sat down with Hot 97 radio personality, Angie Martinez about President Barack Obama and his attitude. WHAT? OBAMA has an attitude? LOL.

Labeling Obama the second coolest person in the entire world, Jay admitted the president always draws a reaction out of him in-person. (SOHH)

“The president is like the second coolest person in the world,” Jay said in an interview with Angie Martinez on August 1st, jokingly naming himself the first. “[Next to?] I mean, come on. Don’t make me say it, Ang. [laughs] Don’t make me say it Angie. [Does he react?] Yeah. Yeah, he’s very humble. Yes. It’s weird. I love it. [Do I react to him?] Definitely. [He’s the only one I react to,] off top [of my head.] 100 percent…Who you are puts a lot of pressure on regular relationships because it’s not a regular relationship. People begin to see you differently.” (Hot 97)