Something I quote very often, which is a statement from the late King of Pop himself, Mr. Michael Jackson. R.I.P. During a rehearsal for his supposed to be last tour, This Is It, when speaking with his background dancers, he said to “study the greats and become greater.” That has to be one of my most favorite quotes of all times. So last night while searching for new footage, whether music or videos from the West Coast king, Bigg Snoop Dogg, who I consider great myself, I came across one of Snoop’s many Westfest TV videos from his offiicial Youtube Channel. I must say, I was inspired as always by Tha D.P.G.C. frontman while checking out the episodes of Snoop Dogg’s “Road to Riches” videos as he takes fans on journey with him and his crew from Amsterdam to Cannes France doing interviews, chilling out with some of his hip hop colleagues and comrades. And if one keeps watching, it gets even better. Snoop’s O.G. mentor, the good DOCTOR, Dr. Dre himself shows up on the scene and rocks the mic with his mentee’. Watch for yourself.

Check out an episode of Snoop Dogg’s “Roach to Riches” below.