Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown joint tour

This year is definitely the year of the celebrity comeback kids, not to be taken as a disrespect taunt against celebrities. However, the moment it is thought that certain celebs careers are over, they tend to GO HARD like there is nothing left. Is this post about Kanye West? NOPE. Let Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown. Who would have thought Ms. Rowland would be one of the most talked about artists in the game post Destiny Child? Who would have thought that C. Breezy would still be admired by millions after all the backlash he has been receiving from the media, twitter, music industry insiders, Bill O’Reilly, and more, due to his 2009 incident involving former girlfriend, pop star Rihanna? Well, hate it or love is, Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown has proven that hating can be a great MOTIVATION as they are both on fire this year. And get this, they are planning to go on tour together this fall.

Kelly tells Hot 97’s Angie Martinez,

“I’m also going on tour with Chris Brown in September. “I’m so excited about that.” She said that the logistics were still being worked out. “Getting ready for that show — literally getting ready. I’m sitting up here emailing and all that kind of stuff, finding people now.”

Chris confirmed the news on Twitter when he posted,

“Me and Kelly Rowland along with other incredible artists are going on tour!!!! I’ll let u know who else is on later! Lol.”

Do any of you think this tour will happen?

Stay tuned!!!

Peep below for the explicit version of Kelly Rowland’s Motivation video.