Broken Promises or Commitments

In the holy scriptures it reads, “it is better not to vow than to make a vow and not fulfill it”. True in so many cases; whether it’s promising our children, spouse or even a friend that we would do something for them yet turn around and not do it. Though in many cases, either might accept our reasons for not doing what we’d promised to do, or forgive us for breaking on our commitment or promise; however, there in their hearts leaves a wound due to broken promises. The hurt that a person may feel due to our failure to execute on something we committed to do for or with them may not even start with us. However, we’re still guilty as the first persons that has did it; whether once, or repeatedly it.

Brothers, don’t promise your girlfriend or spouse that you’ll be there for her through thick and thin, yet run out on her when you see a fine piece of meat walking by or when problems get too deep. No lie, it hurts like hell to stay around especially at times when you’re not the one in the wrong. And though it doesn’t seem fair, the responsibility does seem to always fall back on us. And the verdict reads GUILTY…men are all dogs. When one of us ‘men’ mess us, all men mess us. Yet in the words of the late great Johnnie Taylor, “it’s cheaper to keep her.”