Bigg Run P presents The Rebellion mixtape listening/review session over Facebook and Reverbnation

If you haven’t read and heard, here it is. I’ll be having a review/listening session for my upcoming The Rebellion mixtape on Facebook. I promise ya, it’s going to be CLASSIC, and I’m not even signed. I want all of you to join in on facebook and/or to review the album. RSVP by going on Facebook, click on the search button and type in Bigg Run P presents The Rebellion mixtape Facebook listening/review meetup. Then add yourself to the event page.

Event location page(s):

Location (1) Facebook:​ges/Bigg-Run-P-aka-The-You​ng-Rebel/173413539382674
Simply click on Band Profile then hit the play button.

Location (2)​unp
Scroll down to Songs then hit the play all button.

See ya there.

~Bigg Run P