‘The Game’s R.E.D. album just won’t stop with features’

The Game perhaps is one of the greatest rappers on the West Coast in a long time, since you don’t hear much from Xzibit or cats like Snoop Dogg rocking it like they used to, as they have matured into higher aspects in the entertainment business; though continuing to rock stages. However, Game is still grinding as he have yet to reached the status of those vets. And if he keeps pushing hard on the tracks, he will. However, he has to do three things: 1) hollering out the blood gang so much, 2) stop giving shout outs to rappers on every song and 3) go H.A.M.

Since this is about Game and this product, he just added another artist to his upcoming R.E.D. album featured list. It’s Maybach Music’s very own, Wale. I’m sure Game’s intention is to have a classic hip hop album; however, as a fan, I hope one day, he do what Nas did with Illmatic, i.e. had no famous guest appearances.