How are you training your kids?

An old biblical proverb reads that one should “train a child according to his way; also when he grows old, he will not depart from it.” Though this specifically has to do with following Torah principles, it does speak volumes regarding morals and values parents are to teach their children; therefore if a child does stray away, there would be a discomfort regarding their behavior that perhaps is an embarrassment as it goes against the wisdom instill in them by their parents.

There is this kid at my job who know so much about the weather. This kid is only 8 years old and can tell you the weather forecast for the next 10 days. I asked him if his parents are into the weather as he is, and he say no. However, he turned on the weather channel one day and fell in love with it and from that day decided that he wants to be a meteorologist upon completing colleges. Thought this kid has nearly 15 more years before his desire is fulfilled, he’s nurturing his gift. Though his parents aren’t into the weather as he is, hearing stories about the weather had some influences towards his concern for the weather.

Parents, what are you instilling into your kids? When type of conversations are you having with your children. Remember, whatever seeds we sow, we shall reap.