Game Lovers

If you are a game lover, I have great news for you.  I stumbled across a site that allow you to download games and play them on your Mac or PC. has over 1200 games to choose from.  They have action, strategy, adventure, arcade, and board games, to name a few.

The kids were up all night rambling through the catalog searching for their favorite games.  I was surprised to see that had some of the old school classic’s like “Dig Dug”, “Pac-Man”, and even “UNO”.  You also can enter contest and win prizes too. 

The site also has a forum that allow you to network with other players for help, tips, and tricks. If you are not sure which games to download, just go to the forum and see which ones the other players recommend. The games are very inexpensive, they even offer a free seven day trial. As a bonus, they offer free games for you to play just to keep you busy. Go ahead and sign up and start playing today!!