Like Concerts?

Hey, I know alot of us love traveling and getting good deals on concerts! Well, I have a little information on where to get your tickets at a great price! They offer a variety of tickets from music concerts, sports, plays, and etc. A few months ago I purchased Taylor Swift tickets.  The concert was great,  Taylor Swift really knows how to put on a show!  You can also purchase Beacon Theatre tickets or Metropolitan Opera House tickets depending on your choice of venue.

If you like theatrical plays, comedies, and more, you might find what you are looking for here too.  The Beacon Theatre often house popular comedies geared toward African- Americans.   In 1999 and in 2001, the Metropolitan Opera House hosted the MTV Video Music Awards while Radio City Music Hall was being renovated. How many people remember Elton John? They had their hit song back in the day, “Benny And The Jets.” They will be performing next year at the Metropolitan Opera House. You must get your tickets now!

Last year I had Boston Opera House tickets for the  American Idol.  The tickets were so cheap, I  also purchased Madison Square Garden tickets for WNBA games as well.  Justin Beiber have upcoming shows there also, so you might want to take advantage of these discounts.  That would be a great gift to someone! Hurry and check out the site now! Not later, NOW!