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Archive for July, 2011

Ghetto Fab – I kissed a girl

Uh Oh Katy Perry…watchoutttt

Ghetto Fab – Better than Baskin and Robbins

What a great liine to get someone in church if they liike Sundayz,.

Ghetto Fab – Lisa still loves Dick

Ghetto Fab – Rizzle For The Sizzle

Rizzle For The Sizzle Huh??

‪TLC – Red Light Special – YouTube


Martacard 12 O’clock Classic: TLC “Red Light Special”

Today is Sexy Sunday!!  Fellas, do something for your boo today.  Let her know that she is special.  Ladies, have a toast for good memories and good times.   Shout out to Chilli, T-boz and R.I.P. Left Eye!!!

‪TLC – Red Light Special (Dirty Version)‬‏ – YouTube.

Game ft. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg ‘Drug Test’

Remember a few weeks back when I said the Game need to cut the features on his next album and just go H.A.M. track by track? Well, I’m going to ease back on that for a minute because this latest track that’s supposed to be featured on his upcoming R.E.D. Album entitled ‘Drug Test’, featuring none other than Dr. Dre & Bigg Snoop Dogg aka Batman & Robin is SMASHIN. Hear for yourself and support the R.E.D. Album when it drops.

Check out The Game’s ‘Drug Test’ ft. Dr. Dre & Bigg Snoop Dogg below.

“Hoodie Ninja” by MC Chris in 2012 Honda Civic Commercial

I swear I’m not a perve, yet the vocalist sing so fast, I throught she was singing “I’m a Horny Ninja”. Instead, she was singing “I’m a Hoodie Ninja.” If you have no idea of what I’m talking about, this is in reference to the 2012 Honda Civic Commercial. The commercial itself is HILARIOUSLY FUNNY. After doing a little google research, I found out that this is indeed a real song by the name “Hoodie Ninja” by MC Chris out of Brooklyn, NY. The song appears on his MC Chris Is Dead album. After listening to the album version “Hoodie Ninja”, I definitely had to download the entire album. His music is like the N.E.R.D.S. with Beavis & Butthead on acid. I’m now a fan.

Check out MC Chris “Hoodie Ninja” below and do cop the MC Chris Is Dead album.


Something I quote very often, which is a statement from the late King of Pop himself, Mr. Michael Jackson. R.I.P. During a rehearsal for his supposed to be last tour, This Is It, when speaking with his background dancers, he said to “study the greats and become greater.” That has to be one of my most favorite quotes of all times. So last night while searching for new footage, whether music or videos from the West Coast king, Bigg Snoop Dogg, who I consider great myself, I came across one of Snoop’s many Westfest TV videos from his offiicial Youtube Channel. I must say, I was inspired as always by Tha D.P.G.C. frontman while checking out the episodes of Snoop Dogg’s “Road to Riches” videos as he takes fans on journey with him and his crew from Amsterdam to Cannes France doing interviews, chilling out with some of his hip hop colleagues and comrades. And if one keeps watching, it gets even better. Snoop’s O.G. mentor, the good DOCTOR, Dr. Dre himself shows up on the scene and rocks the mic with his mentee’. Watch for yourself.

Check out an episode of Snoop Dogg’s “Roach to Riches” below.

Rainbow Hair hairstyle

….Wow, did someone drop some rainbow candies in her head…

What The Hell – zipper hair weeve

…Zipper..? head..?

ENSURE your mattress goes NOWHERE

..haha look at these idiots! now that’s what yu call correct way to ENSURE yur mattress goes NOWHERE!

Speechless – girl bleeding on bus

oh…really! bish bleeding everywhere!

‪Pick Of The Day: Drake – Marvins Room

E-SUN’S Pick Of The Day:  Drake “Marvins Room”

haha, on the bus?!?!

excuse me bus driiver…ii just brought this mattress from a “J”, can ii bring this on the bus too!

Johnny Gill New Single – In The Mood

Here’s some new musik from Johnny Gill.ii see he’s trying to make a come back…what yu think about it??

‪Martacard 12 O’clock Classic: Lil’ Flip – Game Over

This was Lil Flip’s break out  jam a few years ago.  The PacMan sample was very catchy.  It had people all over the south tuning in to what Flip had to stay.  shortly after that came the infamous beef with T.I.

Martacard 12 O’clock Classic:  Lil’ Flip – Game Over

Sleep Pranks on world star hip hop

Phone Prank – Pizza Hut order

A 5th Accuser – Bishop Eddie Long Scandal

….22 year old Kemp, who was raised in the Bahamas, met Long years ago during a visit to New Birth while he was a teenage student in a Florida college. The relationship meant enough for him to TATTOO Eddie Long’s name on his wrist, followed by the words, “Never a Mistake, Always a Lesson.” … wow…that means a LOT….Obviously…tattoo’n someone names either means stupid..or in love..oh yeh, stupid in love!

‪Pick Of The Day: Shawty Lo – Cake

Shawty Lo got him something with this one.  Since signing with G-Unit, I’m expecting Lo to take off again.  Future snapped on the second verse and I like the way the beat dropped in the third verse.

E-SUN’S Pick Of The Day:  Shawty Lo “Cake” feat. Future

Jalen Rose Spending More Time In Jail Than On The Court

Former NBA star and ESPN contributor Jalen Rose will be making a new appearance in jail! Starting next week, Rose will serve 20 days in jail for drunk driving arrest in March. This morning a judge sentenced him to 93 days in jail, but suspended all but 20 of them. If you recall, Rose didn’t tell his ESPN supervisors about the arrest, which caused him to be in some trouble!

Classy..BUT, Trashy?

….Posing “IN” a garbage can! #TrashPickUp.. Not to mention, ii noticed the trash on the ground..did she empty out the trash can to get IN it!?

‪Martacard 12 O’clock Classic: Playaz Circle – Duffle Bag Boy

Martacard 12 O’clock Classic:  Playaz Circle  “Duffle Bag Boy” feat. Lil Wayne

Bigg Run P tune player for The Rebellion mixtape

Shouts out to all of you that help support the listening/review session to my The Rebellion mixtape. As a thank you, below you can click on the link and rock out to the entire mixtape as well as download and share music for FREE. Continue to support the movement.

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