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Martacard 12 O’clock Classic: TLC “Red Light Special”

Today is Sexy Sunday!!  Fellas, do something for your boo today.  Let her know that she is special.  Ladies, have a toast for good memories and good times.   Shout out to Chilli, T-boz and R.I.P. Left Eye!!!

‪TLC – Red Light Special (Dirty Version)‬‏ – YouTube.

Game ft. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg ‘Drug Test’

Remember a few weeks back when I said the Game need to cut the features on his next album and just go H.A.M. track by track? Well, I’m going to ease back on that for a minute because this latest track that’s supposed to be featured on his upcoming R.E.D. Album entitled ‘Drug Test’, featuring none other than Dr. Dre & Bigg Snoop Dogg aka Batman & Robin is SMASHIN. Hear for yourself and support the R.E.D. Album when it drops.

Check out The Game’s ‘Drug Test’ ft. Dr. Dre & Bigg Snoop Dogg below.

“Hoodie Ninja” by MC Chris in 2012 Honda Civic Commercial

I swear I’m not a perve, yet the vocalist sing so fast, I throught she was singing “I’m a Horny Ninja”. Instead, she was singing “I’m a Hoodie Ninja.” If you have no idea of what I’m talking about, this is in reference to the 2012 Honda Civic Commercial. The commercial itself is HILARIOUSLY FUNNY. After doing a little google research, I found out that this is indeed a real song by the name “Hoodie Ninja” by MC Chris out of Brooklyn, NY. The song appears on his MC Chris Is Dead album. After listening to the album version “Hoodie Ninja”, I definitely had to download the entire album. His music is like the N.E.R.D.S. with Beavis & Butthead on acid. I’m now a fan.

Check out MC Chris “Hoodie Ninja” below and do cop the MC Chris Is Dead album.