Tiffany Green 2011 BET Awards: Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake Mix-up

I believe this was a set up.  It seems to me someone backstage setup a prank on Tiffany Green.  I know she was embarrassed, but maybe she can make a good thing out of it.  Her name is all over Youtube and Twitter right about now….  Check it out below…..

YouTube – 2011 BET Awards: Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake Mix-up.

What Iz Art?

If you’re familiar with the Dungeon Family – Even In Darkness album, then you should know E.J. ‘The Witchdoctor’ ft. Big Rude joint entited ‘What Iz Rap?’ The song is definitely inspirational, helping listeners to see rap in a broader perspective other than jiggerish written over dope beats. Over a decade later, inspired by artistic expressions would like to render my written addition to my question, ‘What Iz Art?’

What Iz Art?

Art is that painting you see on the wall or the wall you see on that painting.
A vision from the emotions of what’s in one’s mind, or perhaps the mind of what one emotionally envisions.
The soul of the writer, the writer of the soul, the ink from my pen or the pen from my ink,
The child that I impregnated my wife with, or all the internal things that affect the process leading up to my wifes pregnancy.
The fantasy of my mind, dream becoming the reality of my sleep
or the sleep of my reality.
The six days of the Most High creation, or the creation of the Most High’s imagination,
the vision of life and death which effect the internal way that I see myself,
which leads to the way that I see everybody else enabling me to screw the world over until there is nothing left.

That’s what I call ART!

Beyonce ft. Andre 3000 – Party

Was chilling over at C & G Barbershop over in East Point, GA last weekend with the barbers up there, who happen to be friends of mine. As usual, we were discussing music and when I mentioned that Andre Benjamin bka Andre 3000, one half of Outkast went H.A.M. on the titled tracked ‘Party’ of Beyonce’s 4 album (which drops today by the way), the homeboyz went off on me. So there went another friendly argument. But this is what I’m going to do right now for all of you supporters of the MartaCard Report. Below, is a youtube link in which you can hear for yourself. Arguments are welcomed. Yet if you’re scared, then say you’re scared.