The hypocrisy of a nation

People whom know they are in the wrong for doing things will be the first to holla out “only God can judge me” or “the Bible says don’t judge.” Yet the truth of the matter is, nowhere in the 613 commandments in the Hebrew scriptures, pertaining to the Law of Moses does it say thou shall not judge. But as always, the shameful and the guilty be the first to holler. Yet I have no need to defend myself when I say that I’m not homophobic. To be any kind of phobic, one must first be against the persons whom possess a natural related to the act(s). One can argue that if they so desire; however, my hatred for a person isn’t on the bases of what matters they are dealing with, yet on the bases of their character as it effects me and those I care deeply for.

Banning circumcision would almost certainly prompt a flurry of legal challenges alleging violations of the First Amendment’s guarantee of the freedom to exercise one’s religious beliefs. (Huffpost Politics)”

Now let me get to my matter. My issue is with the hypocrisy of our ‘great’ country, the United States of America, which supposed to stand as “one nation, under G-d with liberty and justice for all.” Now how paradoxical is that. All whom are a part of this country, including me, can talk about it however we choose. And I choose to say that we as a country, are a bunch of hypocrites. Well it’s alright, in certain parts of the country to legalize same sex marriages, the government want to now cut into family matters, i.e. set a proposal to ban circumcision in San Francisco. If you ask me, there is more harm regarding same sex relations than circumcision. To be quite honest, there is no harm regarding circumcision. Families are more affected and torn apart when dealing with sexual related matters within their families. How many fall-outs have we as a country had concerning circumcision? How many children have died as a result of their circumcision as opposed to those persons whom died of some sexual transmitted disease due to having sexual relations with a same sex partner or partners?

Want to argue with me about this, then I’m with it.