’17 years later, shooter in the Tupac Shakur robbery attempt comes forward’

The saying is that “truth with set you free.” And I agree that it does, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. The biggest challenge for mankind when a mistake is made is telling the truth. Yet in the case of the gangster world, if you tell the truth, then you’re considered a snitch. 17 years after the Tupac Shakur shooting, that perhaps was the foundation of the East/West coast rivalry, supposed gunman, Dexter Isaac has now come forward in a statement claiming he was hired by James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond to rob and shoot the now late rapper, who was murdered due to another shooting. Read below.

Isaac also claimed, “I still have as proof the chain that we took that night in the robbery…. I want to apologize to his family [Tupac Shakur] and for the mistake I did for that sucker [James]. (Celebs Gather) Music mogul Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond’s lawyer denied Isaac’s accusations earlier this week. “It’s a flat out lie,” Rosemond’s lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman told the Daily News. “Dexter Isaac is not claiming this 17 years later to clear his conscience. He’s doing it because he’s told anybody who will listen he doesn’t want to die in prison. He has kids and wants to work off his sentence. He can’t be trusted.” (New York Daily News)

Now if it is true that Henchman was the mastermind behind this, then all hell is about to break loose. Perhaps if this alleged truth came out prior to the 1996, 1997 shootings in Las Vegas and Los Angeles to which both the late Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls were gunned down, both lives could have been saved and their families wouldn’t be grieving about this matter.

R.I.P. Tupac Shakur (June 16, 1971-September 13, 1996). He was only 25.