Kelly Rowland’s father is back

Will former Destiny Child member now solo artist Kelly Rowland say ‘no no, no, no, no’ to her biological father, Christopher Lovett, who abandoned her when she was only 7 years old? Now after 23 years old and over a decade of surprise for Rowland, her father wants to be in her life again.

Did he have a wake up call from the Most High, or did he happened to get access to the internet to after all these years realize that the KELLY ROWLAND is HIS KELLY ROWLAND? I think the latter. As with many celebs whom were abandoned by their parents, either mother, father or both, it’s only after their kids go from rags to riches when they all of a certain want to return in the lives of their sons and daughters. Yet if it takes money to bring them back, lets hope at some point, the need to now be in their child’s lives become genuine and a true loving relationship begins.