Prison Dudes Talk About Raping Cats Behind Bars In An Alabama Prison

As I’ve stated a few days back while referencing something said by the late great rapper Tupac Shakur, “prison kills your spirit.” It’s more to it that just serving time for a crime one has committed. Yet an inmate’s entire life becomes altered, and in many cases, forced to do things they would never imagine themselves doing if wasn’t behind bars, all because of fear. Those things include becoming affiliated with a prison gang or perhaps even another or other prisoners “sex toy”, for a lack of better words. One who hasn’t experienced life in the prison society often hear horror stories regarding one’s experience in the pen, yet can’t imagine the fear and shame of having had gone through those trying times. In this documentary video below, a few inmates in an Alabama prison share gruesome details of prison life. Watch carefully and ask yourself if prison is for you.