Jay Z & Kanye West ‘Watch The Throne’

If any of you guys heard Jay Z & Kanye West H.A.M. joint, previously speculated to be the first single off their upcoming ‘Watch The Throne’ may, then I’m sure like many, you all had mixed reviews regarding your opinion about the song. However, does one song make for a less than hope to be classic album? According to an update tracklist, it doesn’t appear that H.A.M. would even make the finish cut. Below it the tracklist for the album. And for the record, I dig that joint.

1. ‘Lift Off’ feat. Beyonce & Bruno Mars 2. ‘Murder to Excellence’ 3. ‘Illest Motherf—er Alive’ 4. ‘Why I Love You So (Guilt Trip)’ 5. ‘That S— Crazy’ 6. ‘Living So Italian’ 7. ‘Who Gonna Stop Me’ 8. ‘Whole Lifetime’ 9. ‘We Are Young’ 10. ‘Anthem’ (The Boom Box)