You can actually learn from Flava Flav.

There is a favorite quote that says “experience is your greatest teacher.” And that’s true. People whom gone through some things in life can actually teach us some things that could prevent us from going down that same path; though giving grace to them, it could lead to destruction for us. Now when many see Flava Flav., Public Enemy hypeman turned socialite due to his hit MTV reality show, Flava of Love Season 1 & 2, they laugh; whether it’s at his looks or silliness. Yet either way it goes, one get a get out of the Flav. Yet on a more serious note, Flav. touch a different approach to captivate your mind and heart as he talked about his person tribulations.

“I [was] a drug addict for 18 years; only six years clean. The worst mistake I ever made was experimenting with drugs. I was always more of a follower instead of a leader. Being around the hood, you’re following, you always wanna have a big name for yourself and you don’t wanna be no punk. Whatever my friends were doing I chose to do. It was the worst experiment that I could do in my life, but would I change it to this day? No. The reason why is because I got to learn about addiction. I got to live through all of that, so that way I could be able to teach about it and hopefully people learn how I made my mistakes and they [don’t] make the same mistakes that I made.” (XXL Mag)

Shouts out to Flava Flav. Listen and learn.