Face Your Giant

There is a saying that goes, “the truth will find you out.” That is definitely true. Often times, we do things in ‘secret’ that would humiliate or possibly destroy us if anyone finds out about it. Family secrets is one of the biggest secrets as many take things they were involved in to the grave with them, thinking that the best way to deal with that issue is by burying it along with their bodies in the casket. Though those persons aren’t around anymore to face those issues, it still effects their family members. I don’t know about you, yet I do believe in generational curses and the only way for those curses to be broken is by facing it and solving it. Easier said than done right? Yet it’s the best way. Things don’t get better in our lives due to the result of us keeping secrets. They only get worse as time goes on. So if you’re struggling with issues that you know could burden your family and/or those closes to you, face your giant before an even bigger giant destroy your family. As the good book says, “a house divided cannot stand.”

Just wanted to leave you all with some good insight.

Much luv,

~Bigg Run P