Can we see an Eminem-Nick Cannon fight already???

Where is Don King when you need him? Seem as if Nick Cannon and Eminem can’t kick there mouths off each other. I say that because Nick is popping off right now, and if you know Eminem when he puts his Slim Shady mask on, he definitely heats up the microphone and destroys anything that come his way ‘cough cough’ CANIBUS. In an recent article, Mr. Cannon had these words to say about Mr. Shady. “Anyone who insults my wife or my family, I have an issue with — I would have to see where that man actually was coming from. If he was saying, man, this is entertainment, this is something. But if you literally have a problem with me, then we can solve that problem. You’ve crossed the line a little.” (“Piers Morgan Tonight”)