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For Your Home

My home was burglarized a couple of years ago, I felt violated. The fact that someone deliberately kicked my door in, invaded my home, and stole my belongings really had a mental effect on me. Their are so many burglaries and home invasions happening in the city today, now is the time to get protection. Visit Home Security Orange Beach today for details on how to protect your home.
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Invisible Hearing aid???

An old friend came to the barbershop the other day, it had been almost five years since I last saw him. I hooked him up with a nice haircut for old time sake. While I was cutting his hair I noticed something different about him, I didn’t have to remove his hearing aid this time. I figured that his hearing problem had been corrected since he had no trouble listening to and participating in our conversation.
A couple of weeks later he came back for another haircut. This time the shop wasn’t so busy. We reminisced about old times and he told a story about how his crazy ex girlfriend broke his hearing aid. After laughing about the story, he mentioned that his new ones are invisible. They used to be huge back in the day, now they are smaller than ear plugs. Technology has come a long way!!


If you in the ATL tonight and you looking for a place to party, all you gotta do is check out Pink Sugar Atlanta.  They always keep you updated with all the hot spots. Make sure you check in everyday cause they stay on point.


South Fulton: No Beef

These my patna’s. South Fulton is ready to take off. Show these boys some love and blast this issh!!! East Point Stand Up!!!!!!

Jik Baby & Trendsetter

Make sure you check out “All Night” by Jik Baby and my patna Trendsetter. Tell us what you think about it.

Obama praises NY gay marriage law, won’t endorse it – Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Wednesday praised New York’s move to legalize same-sex marriage but stopped short of endorsing it himself, maintaining a stance that has frustrated many liberal supporters.

“What I’ve seen happen over the last several years, and what happened in New York last week, I think, was a good thing,” he told a new conference.

New York became the most populous state to allow gay marriage on June 24, in a high-profile victory for gay rights activists ahead of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections.

But Obama held to his cautious line on an issue that could alienate social conservatives as he runs for re-election next year, saying the marriage issue is a matter that should be decided by the states, not the federal government.

“Each community is going to be different and each state’s going to be different,” Obama said.

Obama, who backs civil unions for same-sex couples, hinted late last year that he might eventually give his backing to gay marriage. He said then that his views were “evolving.”

But at the news conference, he would not be drawn out on whether he personally supports same-sex marriage.

“I’m not going to make news on that today,” he said.

For full story, go to  Obama praises NY gay marriage law, won’t endorse it – Yahoo! News.

Martacard 12 O’Clock Classic: 2Pac “Life Goes On”

It there a heaven for a “G” is the question 2Pac asked in this song. I still keep this one on rotation in my Ipod. R.I.P. 2Pac!!!

Martacard 12 O’clock Classic: 2Pac “Life Goes On”


Iron …or not..

ii guess it was way cheaper to heat up a pot and put it on the shirt as opposed to buying an iron… -__-

Tiffany Green 2011 BET Awards: Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake Mix-up

I believe this was a set up.  It seems to me someone backstage setup a prank on Tiffany Green.  I know she was embarrassed, but maybe she can make a good thing out of it.  Her name is all over Youtube and Twitter right about now….  Check it out below…..

YouTube – 2011 BET Awards: Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake Mix-up.


uh oh! yu betta show em’ how to get down!! now, can yu show em’ how to get back up too?


…when ii see this, it made me hungry! she should be wrong for that! AND the person who did that!

What Iz Art?

If you’re familiar with the Dungeon Family – Even In Darkness album, then you should know E.J. ‘The Witchdoctor’ ft. Big Rude joint entited ‘What Iz Rap?’ The song is definitely inspirational, helping listeners to see rap in a broader perspective other than jiggerish written over dope beats. Over a decade later, inspired by artistic expressions would like to render my written addition to my question, ‘What Iz Art?’

What Iz Art?

Art is that painting you see on the wall or the wall you see on that painting.
A vision from the emotions of what’s in one’s mind, or perhaps the mind of what one emotionally envisions.
The soul of the writer, the writer of the soul, the ink from my pen or the pen from my ink,
The child that I impregnated my wife with, or all the internal things that affect the process leading up to my wifes pregnancy.
The fantasy of my mind, dream becoming the reality of my sleep
or the sleep of my reality.
The six days of the Most High creation, or the creation of the Most High’s imagination,
the vision of life and death which effect the internal way that I see myself,
which leads to the way that I see everybody else enabling me to screw the world over until there is nothing left.

That’s what I call ART!

Beyonce ft. Andre 3000 – Party

Was chilling over at C & G Barbershop over in East Point, GA last weekend with the barbers up there, who happen to be friends of mine. As usual, we were discussing music and when I mentioned that Andre Benjamin bka Andre 3000, one half of Outkast went H.A.M. on the titled tracked ‘Party’ of Beyonce’s 4 album (which drops today by the way), the homeboyz went off on me. So there went another friendly argument. But this is what I’m going to do right now for all of you supporters of the MartaCard Report. Below, is a youtube link in which you can hear for yourself. Arguments are welcomed. Yet if you’re scared, then say you’re scared.

YouTube – Alicia Keys & Bruno Mars BET Awards 2011

Alicia Keys is so beautiful.  She has a beautiful voice and has skills on the piano.  I enjoyed her performance.  Bruno Mars did his thang also….  Check them out below

YouTube – Alicia Keys & Bruno Mars BET Awards 2011.

YouTube – Kelly Rowland – Motivation (BET Awards 2011 Performance)

Look at my new boo.  Kelly Rowland is so sexy.  IShe rocked the BET Awards Sunday.  I’m happy to see that she has a strong single.  This single is #1 on Billboard Hiphop & R&B charts.  Check out the video……

YouTube – Kelly Rowland – Motivation (BET Awards 2011 Performance).


Shout-Out to @wtfareyoucrazy for this one.  These boys ripped “Im On It” instrumental.  Check um out…

YouTube – Bishop Paul Morton Message to Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Paul Morton pretty much calls Bishop Eddie Long out in this sermon in front of his congregation. He says that Bishop Long should repent and ask for forgiveness. He believes that Long should make a public statement and address his issues. According to Morton, Long doesn’t accept his phone calls anymore. Hmmmm, I wonder why!!! Check out the video below and feel free to leave a comment.

Kanye West G.O.O.D. Music imprint inks deal with Def Jam

As an artist and producer, Kanye West, alongside his ‘big brother’ Jay Z was the power behind Def Jam Records in this 21st century world of music. And even after Jay Z left the label to start his own Roc Nation label, Mr. West still dropped nothing but number 1’s under the IDJ imprint. Now IDJ and Mr. West is taking their relationship a step further. Guess who Kanye is bringing to Def Jam? Yezzzir, his G.O.O.D. Music imprint. Congratulations Kanyeezy and everybody over there at the G.O.O.D. Music label.

The hypocrisy of a nation

People whom know they are in the wrong for doing things will be the first to holla out “only God can judge me” or “the Bible says don’t judge.” Yet the truth of the matter is, nowhere in the 613 commandments in the Hebrew scriptures, pertaining to the Law of Moses does it say thou shall not judge. But as always, the shameful and the guilty be the first to holler. Yet I have no need to defend myself when I say that I’m not homophobic. To be any kind of phobic, one must first be against the persons whom possess a natural related to the act(s). One can argue that if they so desire; however, my hatred for a person isn’t on the bases of what matters they are dealing with, yet on the bases of their character as it effects me and those I care deeply for.

Banning circumcision would almost certainly prompt a flurry of legal challenges alleging violations of the First Amendment’s guarantee of the freedom to exercise one’s religious beliefs. (Huffpost Politics)”

Now let me get to my matter. My issue is with the hypocrisy of our ‘great’ country, the United States of America, which supposed to stand as “one nation, under G-d with liberty and justice for all.” Now how paradoxical is that. All whom are a part of this country, including me, can talk about it however we choose. And I choose to say that we as a country, are a bunch of hypocrites. Well it’s alright, in certain parts of the country to legalize same sex marriages, the government want to now cut into family matters, i.e. set a proposal to ban circumcision in San Francisco. If you ask me, there is more harm regarding same sex relations than circumcision. To be quite honest, there is no harm regarding circumcision. Families are more affected and torn apart when dealing with sexual related matters within their families. How many fall-outs have we as a country had concerning circumcision? How many children have died as a result of their circumcision as opposed to those persons whom died of some sexual transmitted disease due to having sexual relations with a same sex partner or partners?

Want to argue with me about this, then I’m with it.

YouTube – Chris Brown – Medley (BET Awards 2011 Performance)

Chris Brown did his thang at the Bet Awards 2011.  Busta Rhymes ripped it too.  I wanted to see Lil Wayne do his verse though…..

YouTube – Chris Brown – Medley (BET Awards 2011 Performance).

Worse Dress at BET awards..

….oh…ok….ii agree with kevin on this one…lookz liike he deciided to wear brains as an outfit…and hey, thats yu! to eat yur zone! but, word to yu: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Worse Dress Part 2

wow, ii didn’t know we had the Little Mermaid In attendance….no one told me!

YouTube – Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Ace Hood – Hustle Hard Remix (BET Awards 2011 Performance)

If you missed the BET Awards 2011, don’t worry, we have some footage for you here at Martacard.com

Check out this dope performance “Hustle Hard” Ace Hood feat. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.  Why did Rick Ross take his shirt off?

YouTube – Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Ace Hood – Hustle Hard Remix (BET Awards 2011 Performance).

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