Breaking News: Another rapper going to the brick house.

Seems like today’s rap stars can’t stay away from the pen. First T.I. only to get out, violate his probation then return to the brick house. ‘FREE T.I.P.” Even Lil Wayne in his prime served a little time behind bars. Another New Orleans rapper, Lil Boosie won’t be seeing the outdoors soon as he currently serving years behind bars after being indicted on murder charges. And now, formber Cash Money rapper and member of the Hot Boyz, Christopher “B.G” Dorsey is reportedly facing up to ten years behind bars after being indicted by a federal grand jury this week on gun-related charges. The New Orleans rapper isn’t new to the system as he has been arrested and jailed on multiple occasions, due to gun and drug related charges.

Let’s hope there isn’t a democratic president in office event him to the White House for a poetry reading for the children. The republic party would have a field day. And if Bill O’Reilley is deceased by then God forbid, he’ll be rolling over in his grave.

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