‘Prostitutes in Korea fight back’

The po po’s (police) have pissed off the prostitutes. Hundreds of prostitutes and pimps rallied Tuesday near a red-light district in Seoul, South Korea to protest a police crackdown on brothels, with some unsuccessfully attempting to set themselves on fire. The rally comes weeks after officials began stationing police cars near brothels in a bid to drive away people looking to pay for sex. At one point, about 20 protesters in their underwear and covered in body and face paint doused themselves in flammable liquid in an apparent attempt to burn themselves, but others stopped them from lighting any flames. Some of the women then sat in the street and wept and screamed, while other protesters consoled them (Huffington Post).

Prostitution in South Korea is illegal, yet it’s a huge contradiction considering that all over the country, there are love motels and these the room salons, where men can go to drink soju, sing and have sex with prostitutes. Unlike in America, where most prostitution occur in low class communities to which there is a high drug and crime rate, in South Korea, the police chief or the country president’s daughter might be the hooker one is creeping with, yet they might not even know. Can’t keep things on the hush hush only but for so long right?

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