New R. Kelly Book Claims He Was Sexing Aaliyah At 15 & Has An Interview With The Girl From The Infamous R.Kelly Sex Tape

Video: R. Kelly Was Serious When He Said “Age Aint Nothing But A Number”: New R. Kelly Book By His Boy Claims He Was Sexing Aaliyah At 15 & Then Marrried Her! + Has An Interview With The Girl From The Infamous R.Kelly Sex Tape.

Kelly Rowland Interview: Would Rather Have A Baby From Waka Flocka & Rick Ross Then Gucci Mane!

Video: They Trippin: Big Boy Asks Kelly Rowland When’s The Last Time She Let Somebody Get All Up In Her Guts + Would Rather Have A Baby From Waka Flocka & Rick Ross Then Gucci Mane!.

Pray for Sean Kingston

I’ve said that I would release my fears of jet skiing this year to jump in the water and do my thing thing while flexing my six pack for the ladies. But after hearing what happened to Sean Kingston, I might reconsider until next year. Reports say that the R&B singer Sean Kingston has reportedly been hospitalized in Miami, Florida following a serious jet ski crash Sunday (May 29) evening and that he is in critical condition. From the family here at, we send up prayers for Kingston, the young lady involved, as well as for their family.

Is Dre 3000 teasing us?

I had a weird “Pre Memorial Day” dream that I beat up 1/2 of Outkast, Andre 3000 at Stankonia Studios and chased him threw the parking lot. But it was all in good fun, well sort of, as I was trying to get him to tell me if he was going to return to the whole of hip hop music instead of giving us CLASSIC teases on remixes to everybody’s songs; from the likes of Ke$ha, Beyonce, Chris Brown, and the list goes on. Now check this out! Just a few moments ago, I get on to witness an article about 3 Stacks making an appearance on another person’s album. This person is New Orleans born, Atlanta raised, R&B singer Lloyd. Lloyd is preparing for the release of his new album King of Hearts, which has a couple of features on there from Keri Hilson, Teyana Taylor, the pied piper himself, R. Kelly. And I must not leave out Lil Wayne and Andre 3000, who are slated to appear on a song called ‘I Miss That’ off Lloyd’s upcoming album. This isn’t the first song neither Lil Wayne and 3 Stacks have jumped on with the R&B singer, as they both drop vocals on Lloyd’s ‘I Want You’ remix, which also featured another hip hop legend, NAS.

Do you think Andre 3000 will have these hip hop guys begging for mercy? Stay tuned…

WTH… apparently the girl on the left was celebrating her 30th birthday and the “W” hotel in Atlanta with her friiend (picture to the riight).. they were “play fighting” and they both fell out of the window..Female to the left dies and her friiend is in critical condition… does that happen?!?!?! that sounds crazy how yu would “play fiight” and fall thru a window.. -_-

Gil Scott-Heron

62 year old Gil Scott-Heron died Friday afternoon in New York. Influential poet and musician is credited with being one of the pros of hip-hop, and is best known for the spoken-word piece “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”

R.I.P from martacard…