Student Wears KKK Hoody..

…Possible Racism at Alta High School…Last Thursday the Junior class was supposed to wear all white…but one student had a hoody covering his whole face and witnesses said he also walked around giving a stiff-armed salute mimicking how the Nazis saluted Adolf Hitler..He did all of this in front of Larz Cosby who identifies himself as mixed race…Everyone kept asking him what he was going to do in which he replied his first instinct was to throw a punch…But he also said he’d never seen anything liike that or anyone make fun of his race! ii think that is pretty disrespectful…people are really showing out these days!

One thought on “Student Wears KKK Hoody..

  1. Larz is repulsive. This freak already got mackay suspended and now he wants him to be punished even further. Hes already ruined his life. And mackay NEVER danced in his face. He was very respectful and apologetic right away after he realized it wasnt a joke & was offensive. Larz is an outcast looking for attention. If he was smart he would closet his offensiveness. He will undoubtadly

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