Man Leaves His 6-Yr Old While Running from Cops

A routine traffic stop yielded seven pounds or marijuana and more than $84,000 cash. A Milton police officer was on patrol on Deerfield Parkway March 15 at 10:30 p.m. when he clocked a passing vehicle going 50 mph in a 35. He pulled the car over. When speaking with the driver, Monroe Le-Beau, 29, of Norcross, the officer smelled marijuana and asked Le-Beau to step out. Le-Beau then ran from the officer, leaving his 6-year-old son behind in the car. He ran in to a nearby subdivision and stopped a passing vehicle. Getting in, Le-Beau tried to force the driver to drive away. The driver refused. He got out and tried again with the same result, only this time the driver began to fight him. Le-Beau then than into nearby woods. Forsyth County police dogs were called in and quickly found him, with dogs biting him twice. Le-Beau allegedly had on him $4,475 in cash. A search of his car turned up a further $80,000 in cash and 7 pounds of pot, all vacuum-sealed in the trunk. The marijuana is valued at about $11,000. Milton police spokesman Shawn McCarty said the investigation is ongoing, but at this point they do not know what he was doing with both cash and drugs. “It’s weird for him to have that cash and that marijuana the way he has,” McCarty said. Typically, a drug dealer would have drugs to sell, but not the cash. If he had a lot of cash, he had sold his drugs. He also had a “Marijuana Grower’s Bible” in the car. Le-Beau was charged with robbery by intimidation, trafficking in illegal drugs, reckless conduct, obstruction – resisting officer / arrest, 1 count speeding, 1 count failure to maintain lane, 1 count safety belts – required usage, and 1 count driving while license suspended or revoked.

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