Jalen Rose, Grant Hill “The Uncle Tom”

I admit that I froze up when I heard about Grant Hill becoming offended about Jalen Rose referring to he and other black Duke University players as “Uncle Toms.”

During the recent ESPN documentary about the Fab Five, Rose was especially candid in describing his disdain for Duke University. Using colorful and entertaining language, Rose seemed to harbor some degree of bitterness toward the only men on earth who could keep the Fab Five from realizing their true destiny. The story of the Fab Five was supposed to end with two national championships; instead, their two championship game losses were like really great sex without the big finish at the end.

The “Uncle Tom” remarks by Rose were not specifically targeted toward Grant Hill, but instead made in a broader buck shot context in reference to Duke University’s strategy of only selecting black men that they deem to be socially-acceptable. The elitism of campuses like Duke is not a secret. Campuses such as this one are not very quick to hire black professors, and are known for believing that they are better than the rest of us. Therefore, it is no surprise that they would avoid black males from (as Rose put it) “the hood.”

via Dr. Boyce: Jalen Rose, Grant Hill And The Fate Of “The Uncle Tom” | News One.