Lebron And Michael Jordan Get Sued..

….both Jordan and Lebron are getting sued for 150 million each, that’s a lotta money ! yiikes!

According to the lawsuit, both James and Jordan had representatives at Nike and Live Nation threaten to sue LJI unless they put a halt on a line of basketball shoes that were under the name Lebron Jordan.. This action allegedly put the kibosh on a $900 million deal that LJI had in the works.

LJI’s CEO Aaron Fraser insists that the company’s name is in no way related to Michael Jordan or LeBron James, because his godsons, who just happened to be named Lebron and Jordan, are his company’s namesake.

Welp, ii guess that was stupid and they made assumptions about it…

ii guess Lebron And Jordan will think next tiime before some stuff liike that pop off..