2 Children Found Dead!

Guy listed above Clem Beauchamp is being charges for 3 counts of murder! A great grandmother grieves the death of her grandchildren. Turns out: last year in August Clem and his girlfriiend Felicia Brown broke up and she was missing months after the break up*in august*… her two children a 6 and 10 year old lived with him after she supposedly disappeared in which they found her and her body had badly decomposed! Welp…Her two children were found stuffed in luggage in a nearby canal..Which is just terrible for someone to be so cruel and do something liike that..#heartless..

Brown’s body wasn’t discovered until last week and her children’s name were tattooed on her calfs…. The great grand mother is terrifiied because she can’t afford to bury them and because of all the deaths in her family at one time must be hard! A memorial service for the 3 bodies has been held already!

All ii can say is this is a terrible thing for anyone to have to go thru! ii send my prayers and condolences with the family!