Look What I found – Who Is E-SUN

“For those who know me from back in the days.  I found this vintage write up about me from RNation HipHop Encounter show.  Shout out to the SWATTEAM, Ralph C, AC Adil, Hannibal Black, Big Floaty”


E-Sun is a Hip-Hop artist representing the Dirty South. He brings the Hip-Hop community a unique style of rhyming with great lyrical content.

E-Sun is a member of the SWATTEAM (an acronym for South West Atlanta Terrorist Team). He has recorded songs with EJ da Witchdocter, the Attic Crew’s group “South Paw”, Playaz Circle, Racket City, and more. He has also performed at clubs in Atlanta such as the Warehouse, Club MJQ, the Culture Club, etc…

visit his website at www.mp3.com/esun

via Hip Hop Encounter – Up Next – brought to you by www.Rnation.com.