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Dont Buy This Obama Shirt…

Apparently there’s an Obama shirt that’s out that says Pray For Obama with the Verse Psalms 109:9..

But that scripture says:
: Psalms 109:8
If you look in your Bible it reads: “Let his days be few and let another take his office.”
And the verse immediately following (Psalm 109:9) reads: “Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.”

…guess they triied to be slick by putting that on the shirt!

Hunch Punch…

…ii think we made this in to a Tipsy Thursday! Especially with this hunch punch on deck…this is one thing that will get yu drunk! drink enough of it, it will sneak up on yu! #LetsGetIt

Happy 24th Birthday Shameka!

Special ShoutsOut To my Home Girl Meka and Her Birthdayyyy! Do it Big WOMAN! wELL, we already are riight now! Got the hunch punch, what yall know about that!??! and some gooood food!!! MOST DEF! Its tiime for some funnnnnn!! And we gone do it Uncle Luke’s way! No matter how old WE are, #ForEver21!

Twista or Busta….

sooo, in this remix, who’s faster, sounds good, and rhymes actually make sense???

Twista is KNOWN to be the fastest rapper…but, what do yu think in this song???

Color Contacts…

…ii swear ppl with color contacts are hilarious! They really think that’s there real color eyes..just cuz yu brought em’ doesn’t mean that they’re yours! And they get a big ego too… #Mess

Young Boy Faints While In A Backyard Fight! (Can’t Breath & Has To Call 911)

So this is how we abuse technology.  Since everybody have recording equipment,  staging fights are the thing now.  Video: Stop The Violence: Young Boy Faints While In A Backyard Fight! (Can’t Breath & Has To Call 911).

7′ Man Splits Head Open By A Ceiling Fan!

Don’t try this at home.  Guy with hard head and plenty alcohol stands underneath ceiling fan and jumps.  Kinda stupid stunt!!!

Video: Dumbazz Of The Week: 7′ Man Splits Head Open By A Ceiling Fan!.

Lightskinned Vs Dark Skinned!

Interesting survey: Teenage black kids were asked questions about their race and heritage and the answers were shocking. Apparently, racism within the black race is also a problem. What happened to “I am Black And Proud”???

Video: Most Ignorant Video: Lightskinned Vs Dark Skinned! “Black People Are Mad Ignorant. I Will Never Date A Black Boy”.

Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks – Recap – March 30, 2011 – ESPN

ATLANTA — Dwight Howard kept trying to muscle his way into the lane.

Jason Collins wouldn’t back down, providing hope that Atlanta will fare a lot better if the Hawks get their expected rematch with Orlando in the playoffs.

Joe Johnson‘s floating one-hander in the lane put Atlanta ahead with 55.4 seconds remaining, Jameer Nelson missed two chances to tie it for the Magic, and the Hawks escaped with an 85-82 victory Wednesday night.

Josh Smith led the Hawks with 26 points, and Johnson added 18. But a guy who had only three points and five rebounds might have done the best work of the night.

Collins went body-to-body with Howard in a bruising matchup, helping limit the Orlando star to 17 points on 4-of-13 shooting.

“I was just trying to play physical with him,” Collins said. “I try to eye him up when he crosses halfcourt. I want to meet him early, before he gets close to the basket.”

Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy was impressed.

“That’s the best defense I’ve seen all year on Dwight,” Van Gundy said. “Against Collins, he didn’t get a lot of good shots. I thought he did a great job on him. He’s big and physical. He doesn’t give you anything easy. Dwight had trouble getting good, on-balance shots.”

Nelson, who paced Orlando with 20 points, missed a jumper with 38 seconds remaining, then clanked one off the side of the rim on a drive with 6 seconds left.

Collins grabbed the rebound and was immediately fouled. He missed the first but swished the second, forcing the Magic to look for a 3 on their final possession. The best they could do was a long, turnaround jumper by Hedo Turkoglu that sailed over the rim.

The Hawks won their third in a row and took the season series 3-1, distancing themselves from a dismal stretch in which they lost 14 of 21 games.

They’ll likely face Orlando again in a couple of weeks. The Magic seem assured of the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference, while the Hawks are headed for the fifth seed.

Last year, the teams met in the second round of the postseason, which turned into a monumental mismatch. Orlando won four straight by an average margin of 25 points — the most lopsided sweep in NBA history.

With that in mind, the Hawks wanted to show they could be more competitive with the Magic this time around. They sure did it during the regular season, holding the Magic to 38 percent shooting in the four games.

“It’s the regular season. The postseason is totally different,” Smith said. “I don’t know if we’re sending a message, but we’ve got to let teams know we’re coming to play.”

Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks – Recap – March 30, 2011 – ESPN.


…woah so Digiorno tryna make ppl fat..addin cookies to the pizza..now who be buyin this!

Super Sweet 16….

..ShoutsOut to my lil’ cuz’n Bre celebrating her 16th Birthday!! So all model agencies, photgraphers looking for a pretty face, make SURE yu check her out! She may have what it takes to be the next TOP 16 YEAR OLD MODEL!yu can hit her up on twitter @iAM_brej……

Cure For Aids & Other Chronic Diseases Found In Tanzania Africa? Doctor Claims He Found The Cure! [25 Min Documentary]

Video: Cure For Aids & Other Chronic Diseases Found In Tanzania Africa? Doctor Claims He Found The Cure! [25 Min Documentary].


..Ginuwine and Sole celebrate their’ childrens birthday! Good to see they are still holding it down too!

Wow..Where are the parents! LoL

Summermour Middle School…

…Welp, parents are a little upset because a teacher said a man came on the school campus after hours, removed his clothes, and walked around the school naked…what in the world do people be thinking..or maybe thats just it…they aren’t thinking! Parents are upset because they weren’t notified sooner..ii can see why they were upset just incase that fool walked the school while the students were there!

Toni Braxton Reality Show….

..Toni Braxton and her sisters are coming out with their own reality show….hm..ii guess that should be interesting…but, why is everyone doing their own reality show!

Lamar Odom..ii see ya…

…Lamar Odom poses topless for him and Khloe promo pics.. ii didnt know him and Khloe were still goiin strong! Considering they only new each other for a couple weeks… hmm..

Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

CLEVELAND — As he left the arena, Cavaliers coach Byron Scott smiled and accepted fist bumps and congratulations from security guards lining the hallway.

“Coach,” one of them said, “we’re going to talk about this one all summer.”

And probably for many more.  Cleveland got the win it wanted most.

Take that, LeBron.

Despite blowing a 23-point lead, the Cavs battled back to beat the Miami Heat 102-90 on Tuesday night, getting a small dose of satisfaction against James, the franchise’s biggest star who was making his second homecoming visit to Cleveland since bolting last summer.

J.J. Hickson scored 21, Anthony Parker scored 20 and unsung center Ryan Hollins threw around his weight for the Cavs, who were embarrassed by the Heat 118-90 on Dec. 2 — a night when Cleveland fans unleashed pent-up hatred on James, the native son who scorned them.

This time, it was James who left the floor beaten. He finished with 27 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds and had to endure another night of constant booing from fans who once cherished his every move but now view him as a bitter enemy for betraying them

via Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers – Recap – March 29, 2011 – ESPN.

E-SUN & Trendsetter “Sex Scene” Performance

E-SUN and Trendsetter puttin it down with there first performance together. Rising Stars Showcase at the Sharp’s Bar….

Too Tipsy…

now this fool is super drunk! and still goiin to buy more..they should have banned him from the store..especially the alcohol section!

The Game Season Finale..

…Can’t believe The Game Tv Show will have the Season Finale tonight!! I was soo feelin’ the show..well, ii didn’t liike Kelly’s new haircut…But, its the fact that it was still coming on..Make sure yu tune in!

Tipsy Tuesdaysssssss….

Jason Peters arrested…

….Jason Peters was also arrested the same niight Ross was…Peters charges were a little bit different! He got arrested for loud music violation and not turning his music down when cops ordered him to.. Wow, celebrities gotta watch it…Cops are def. after them!

Rising Stars Showcase Pics 3/24

E-SUN, Trendsetter, Coach Clark, and Martacard.com was in the building with L J Productions for the Rising Stars Showcase at the Sharp’s Bar Jonesboro, GA. All the artist performed well. Shout-out to everybody who came out to support the event….. We have more pics coming!!!!

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