Have Yu Moved On From Yur Ex

Several of survey results that shed some light on how social networks have affected relationships. 74 of people look up their ex on the Internet, 86 percent admit to clicking through photos of them (14 percent of those people are married) and 50 percent called, texted, emailed or IMed an ex when that probably wasn’t the most advisable move. Arguably because of all of this mess, 71 percent say that they think about their ex too much.

Whether you’re dating, in a serious relationship, married, divorced or enjoying the single life, keep in mind that your past is never more than a click away and only you have the power to move on with your life and put a stop to the social media stalking.

this was found on social media networking…it has been proven a lot of social networks causes break ups in relationships..now, how true is this??? and why do yu think thats the case…