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Black History Fact

Robert Johnson, the owner of Black Entertainment Television, became the first black billionaire in America in 2001.

MC Shy D

Oh yeah, we can forget about the “A”. Before Outkast, Goodie Mob, Ti, we had a rapper by the name of MC Shy D. His influence in rap was very strong in the south back in the 80’s. An Atlanta rapper “New York native” was part of a movement in Atlanta that some will never forget.

LL Cool J

Considered the G.O.A.T. “Greatest of All Time”, LL Cool J had a very successful run in hiphop. He drove the girls crazy in the 80’s and early 90’s. Check out “I Need Love” by LL Cool J

Big Daddy Kane

Black History month, Check out this man…. Jay Z give a lot of props to Big Daddy Kane. He was a leader of the hiphop movement during the 80’s. One of my favorite artist. Check him out!!!!

Black History Fact

In 2007, Beyonce Knowles was featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue as the first female non-model and non-athlete to pose for the magazine.


The Greatest Rap Group of all time. Run DMC were definitely pioneers of rap/hiphop. The first rap group to go mainstream. Today, they are known worldwide and there music still lives in the heads of many hiphop lovers.


Sometimes as a hiphop artist/fan, you have to dig in the crates for good music. Hiphop has changed alot since the late 80’s early 90’s, the best era of hiphop. That’s my opinion though!!! What yall know bout KRS-1 “Love’s Gonna Get’Cha”, one of my favorite songs of all time…….

Black History Fact

In 1992, Mae Jemison became the first black female astronaut

NBA Trades Before Deadline

I know alot of NBA fans are watching games and saying “I thought he played with the Wizards” or “When did he get traded to the Nets”. So many players were shipped in and out, you’d think UPS was hauling players. Well, for the folks that wanna know the details of all the trades before the NBA trade deadline, we got umm for ya…….

Nets acquire Deron Williams

• NETS GET: G Deron Williams

• JAZZ GET: G Devin Harris, F Derrick Favors, two first-round picks (New Jersey’s 2011 pick and Golden State’s 2012 pick)


Carmelo to Knicks in three-team, 13-player trade

• KNICKS GET: F Carmelo Anthony, G Chauncey Billups, C Shelden Williams, F Renaldo Balkman, G Anthony Carter from Denver; F Corey Brewer from Minnesota

• NUGGETS GET: G Raymond Felton, F Danilo Gallinari, F Wilson Chandler, C Timofey Mozgov, 2014 first-round pick, second-round picks in 2012 and 2013, $3 million from Knicks; C Kosta Koufos from Minnesota

• TIMBERWOLVES GET: C Eddy Curry, F Anthony Randolph, $3 million from New York; 2015 second-round pick from Denver


Celtics ship Perkins to OKC

• CELTICS GET: F Jeff Green, C Nenad Krstic

• THUNDER GET: C Kendrick Perkins, G Nate Robinson


Rockets move Battier

• ROCKETS GET: C Hasheem Thabeet, first-round draft pick

• GRIZZLIES GET: F Shane Battier, G Ish Smith


Bobcats send Wallace to Portland

• BOBCATS GET: F Joel Przybilla, F Dante Cunningham, two first-round draft picks

• TRAIL BLAZERS GET: F Gerald Wallace


Houston trades Brooks to Suns

• ROCKETS GET: G Goran Dragic, first-round draft pick

• SUNS GET: G Aaron Brooks


Celtics unload frontcourt reserves

• CELTICS GET: 2013 second-round draft pick

• CAVALIERS GET: C Semih Erden, F Luke Harangody


Thunder bolster front line

• THUNDER GET: C Nazr Mohammed

• BOBCATS GET: G Morris Peterson, F D.J. White


Kings get Daniels from Boston

• KINGS GETS: G Marquis Daniels, cash considerations

• CELTICS GET: future draft pick


Clippers send Baron Davis to Cavs

• CLIPPERS GET: G Mo Williams, F Jamario Moon

• CAVALIERS GET: G Baron Davis, 2011 first-round pick


Hornets add to frontcourt

• HORNETS GET: F Carl Landry

• KINGS GET: G Marcus Thornton, cash considerations


Hawks land Wizards’ Hinrich

• HAWKS GET: G Kirk Hinrich and C Hilton Armstrong

• WIZARDS GET: G Mike Bibby, G Jordan Crawford, G/F Maurice Evans and Atlanta’s 2011 first-round draft pick.


Nets ship Murphy to Golden State

• WARRIORS GET: F/C Troy Murphy, Nets’ 2012 second-round draft pick

• NETS GET: C Dan Gadzuric and F Brandan Wright


Bulls, Raptors make deal

• BULLS GET: Miami’s 2011 first-round pick (which Raptors acquired in Chris Bosh sign-and-trade)

• RAPTORS GET: F James Johnson

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Black History Fact

In 2010, Vanessa James and Yannick Bonheur became the first black couple in history to compete in Olympic pairs skating.

BABY, locked in bank vault!

Apparently the 14 month old wondered into the vault alone, and the vault had a lock timer on it! But an employee would have had to close the vault not knowing the baby was inside! The baby was freed 3hrs later . WOW!

Tax Season..Yu Cum Across Rude Folks Workin In Retail!

wonder why all the hood folks cum’ out during tax season..and got the nerve to be rude when they come n my store…but, ii do want to inform them..ppl liike me wrk year round..them mofo’s sittin back waiitin fo they tax return money..then..yu spend it all on new cars n stuff..now, gas goiin up, yu can’t put gas in yo car! #DumbBishes

WoW, someone loves Pepsi Products!

LoL…wow, we see someone liikes sodas…just represented all of them! waiit, Pepsi products only.hmmm niiiice

Just GHetto For NO reason!

soo..im just curious..is it …normal to pose besiide a person whose laying in their casket..not ONLY are they posing but, he’s throwing up a peace sign!?!?!?

Ridiculous Gas Prices Expected TO Continue TO Increase

WOAH! now, ii dont know how it is around the globe..but, down here in the ATL, these gas prices are RIDICULOUS! not to mention, they say they are predicting it will go up to $5 a gallon by the year of 2010! that’s crazy! Guess ii should go ahead to wal mart and pick out which bicycle ii want!

Kanye West, boo’ed at a Chicago Bulls Game, LOL

Well dang, Kanye West boo’ed at a Bulls game?? yu wanna know why?? hhmm, well mayb it was the Taylor Swift act? Or maybe the fact they introduced him as the Chicago Tribune..hmm, either way..they were NOT having that! hA! dang Kanye, lets get it together!

Ms. Willow Smith, new single…

Ms. Willow Smith is busy during her thing! The young artist will be performing her NEW single on the OPRAH show… Congrats to her!!

Chris Brown Look At Me Now

Chris Brown is promoting his new album with his new PLATINUM look! ok, ii see yu Chris…BTW: what happen to Sisqo

Black History Fact

In 1963, U.S. Naval scientist Walter Harris became the first African-American chess master.

Black History Fact

Lorraine Hansberry authored the first Broadway play written by an African-American woman A Raisin in the Sun. It was .

Black History Fact

In 1959, Ella Fitzgerald became the first African-American woman to earn a Grammy Award. She also won five awards that year, including an award for best jazz soloist and one for best female pop vocalist.

Ciara Vs. Rihanna?

Welll…According to the media news…Ciara made a comment about Rihanna that stated kiind of indirectly that Rihanna didn’t have the nicest personality..sooo, ii guess that means they wont be hanging out anytime soon..me personally, didn’t see the big deal!

Black History Fact

Human rights activist Clara “Mother” Hale founded the first only black social services agency in America in 1975. Over the course of her life, Mother Hale received more than 370 awards for her work in the fight against AIDS and inner city drug use.


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