Moms ashes go out the window?

A Florida woman is accused by her ex-boyfriend of hitting him and throwing his mother’s
ashes through a window during an argument.

Police in Gainesville say 22-year-old Ashley Renee Oxendine was retrieving her belongings Monday from a home where the former couple had lived. T

They got into an argument that police say escalated into physical violence when Oxendine scratched the man and hit him in the face.

Police say Oxendine then picked up the urn containing the dead woman’s ashes and threw it at a window. The window broke and some of the ashes spilled.

Oxendine was arrested and charged with domestic battery and criminal mischief. She was released Tuesday on her own recognizance.

Do yu think she should have been released considering she threw someone’s ashes out of the window? Is it now wrong enough or she just got off easy?