Wow Tiny and TI, really?? LoL

T.I. has taken the concept of having “Whatever You Like” to new heights.

The trouble-prone rapper is in more Hot Water — this time behind bars — after he and his homely bride, singer/songwriter Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were spotted getting their jollies during a recent visit.

Tip will spend the remainder of 2011 incarcerated in Arkansas State Prison on a probation violation charge. Inmates in the federal correctional system, like T.I., are not entitled to conjugal. Prison rules state that visitors may kiss and embrace at the start of the visit, but hands must be visible to staff at all time. Of course, that didn’t stop Tiny from breaking her man off with a handjob late last month.

What a respectable little Southern belle she is! Why Clifford Harris, getting your freak on while on lockdown we see. Impressive, but making sexy times with Atlanta’s prized piglet hen you’re already in a world of trouble likely isn’t the best way to prove that you’ve turned over a new law-abiding leaf, Tip.

Tiny confirmed that her happy hands got her husband reprimanded and tells TMZ that T.I. was immediately punished after they were caught and sent to a “special housing unit.”