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Old Throwback joint!

Trendsetter’s B Day Pics

Hello Fam! Make sure yu check out the pics from my 24th Birthday Party at Dugans..please believe..we shut that thang downnnnn!! If yu were there, yur picture is more than liikely on the websiite..so make sure yu check it out and leave ya comments~

Trendsetter Dugans Sat 29th

Thank you to everybody that came out to Dugans and celebrated Trendsetter’s birthday with us. It was very nice, we all had a great time and hope to party again real soon. The pictures are finally up, enjoy!!!

79,000 ecstasy pills??

— Authorities arrested a Columbus woman taking a bus from Atlanta after police found more than 79,000 ecstasy pills in her duffel bag.

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reports that 18-year-old Yasmeen Fogle has been charged with trafficking in ecstasy and possession of cocaine. Authorities say the ecstasy in her bag was worth more than $1.5 million.

FOr more of this story

Dekalb County Shooting!

DeKalb County police investigated a deadly shooting outside a metro area nightclub early Sunday morning.

Police said officers were searching for the gunman who shot and killed a man at Club Nite Lite on Custer Avenue in DeKalb County at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday.

A witness spoke with Channel 2 Action News reporter Amanda Cook and said someone flagged down an officer to tell them about the shooting.

“We heard an altercation inside and they left,” said one witness.

Find more info on this story, http://www.wsbtv.com/news/26667284/detail.html

Females With Gold Teeth?

just wondering, how do yu feel about females with gold teeth??

would that make yu feel any type of a way about the female?

Weather in the ATL, 70 degrees?!

wassuppp ATL! the weather in the A-town is craaaazy! its 70 degrees outsiide! and sunny! but its supposed to be snow flurries later this week?! REALLYYYY!!! that’s crazy!

My Birthday Weekend!

Helloooooo Fam, visitors, and friennds! ii must say ii have been a little quiet on the siite lately..ONLY, because it was a busyyyy weekend with me celebrating my 24th Birthday! ii sure did have a blastttt!! ii wasn’t Lindsey Lohan wasted, but ii felt realllll goooood!! ii thank everyone who came and to support with me..it meant a lotttt! thank yu againnn!! Now, back to the siite so make sure yu keep cum’n back and checking innnn!! hope everyone enjoyed their weekend also!

Mom and Son Robbed Bank

Tawander Simmons checked her son and his two buddies out of school early today for penitentiary reasons. She needed them to help her rob Wells Fargo. Now what kind of moma is that? What type of leadership role did she play in her son’s life is the next question? Most mothers would influence their kids to do something constructive with their lives. For more on this story, go to Mom And Son Robbed Bank

Happy Birthday Trendsetter

Today is a very special day for us at Martacard.com. On this January 28, 2011, we are celebrating the birthday of a very special friend and business partna. Someone who put a lot of time and effort in this Martacard.com movement. A very hard working, motivating person that deserves to honored for her accomplishments. Happy Birthday Trendsetter from E-SUN and all your friends at Martacard.com!!!!!!!

today is tha 28th! and do yu know what that means!?

Today is ya girl Trendsetters Birthday!!!! Supposed to be a beautiful weekend!!! Can’t waiiiitt!!!! Who’s partying wit me at Dugans sat niight!?

IF Only YOU knew….

KeKe Wyatt did her thiing…but, ii love the original too!

Hot Ghetto Messssss!!

this dude has jolly ranchers on his hair?!?!? really now nice post wiife cheating..put it on tha house!

bologna bisquits?!?!?

Man Threatens Cashier With Machete

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — A man was recently seen on surveillance video purchasing a soda before suddenly pulling out a machete and demanding money from the cashier.

The robbery happened Sunday at about 1:50 a.m. at the Kangaroo convenience store in the 3100 block of Jodeco Road in McDonough. Henry County police released the surveillance video Tuesday, which showed the cashier visibility shaken by the crime.

The video shows an exchange between the man and the cashier. When the cashier hesitates to give up the cash, the man leaps across the counter, grabbing an undisclosed amount of cash from the register.

Police released the video in hopes of getting tips about the man’s identity.

If you have information about the crime and would like to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-8477. A reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.

Dekalb County

Body found by little children..

DeKalb County police spokesman Jason Gagnon said the discovery was made Wednesday afternoon in the 4600 block of Wildginger Run in Lithonia.

Channel 2 Action News reporter Erica Byfield spoke with the mother of one of the children.

“I was in the house on the couch and my daughter and niece ran in and told me there is a man in the woods,” said the woman who only wanted to be identified as Nicole.

“I asked them, ‘How do you know he’s dead?’ They said, ‘He’s just laying there.’” I told them to stop playing and my daughter said, ‘Mommy, I’m not playing.’” She was really hysterical, the woman said.

When she ran outside to the wooded area to investigate for herself, she couldn’t believe it.

“I know I saw one gunshot to the chest and I know that he was beaten,” the woman said.

Police confirmed that the victim suffered a gunshot wound but won’t provide further details.

The woman said her house is near the end of a dead street.

This Saturday, January 29th..GOING DOWNNN

WHO will be coming to party with ya girl Trendsetter THIS saturday January 29th, at Dugans, Old national! Its FREE, good food, and awesome drinks! So there is NOOOO reason why yu can’t come party wit us… ii have a section reserved already! so lets do tha thang!! ii must add my *offical birthDAY is friday tha 28th, but party is on saturday so lets dooo ittt!

Obama State Of The Union: Spending, But Restraint

WASHINGTON — Trying to lift the nation and his own political fortunes, President Barack Obama on Tuesday sought to promote a jobs agenda blending concentrated spending and a fresh bid to control the country’s staggering debt. He faced a more skeptical and divided Congress and an electorate demanding results in an economy-heavy State of the Union address.

Details of the speech began leaking in advance. Obama was to call for a five-year freeze on all discretionary government spending outside of national security, the White House said. That would be almost identical to the freeze Obama called for in his address to the nation last year at this time, and ultimately it may have little effect, as Congress decides the budget on its own terms.

Indeed, the Republican-dominated House voted on Tuesday to return most domestic spending to 2008, pre-recession levels. The 256-165 vote came on a symbolic measure that put GOP lawmakers on record in favor of cutting $100 billion from Obama’s budget for the current year.

Halfway through his term, Obama stepped into this moment on the upswing, with a series of recent legislative wins in his pocket and praise from all corners for the way he responded to the shooting rampage in Arizona that targeted a member of Congress.

But the political reality is that he must now find a way to lead a divided government for the first time, with more than half of all Americans disapproving of the way he is handling the economy – the topic dominating both his speech and a 2012 re-election campaign that has already begun.

Obama was to address a television audience of tens of millions with his prime-time speech, an annual rite in which the president tries to set a tone and agenda for the year ahead. Over his shoulder a reminder of the shift in power on Capitol Hill: new Republican House Speaker John Boehner.

This year’s speech featured a more sober, civil and emotional setting. One seat was to remain empty in honor of Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, who is recovering from a bullet wound from the Jan. 8 assassination attempt against her that left six people dead. Many in both parties were to wear black-and-white lapel pins, signifying the deaths in Tucson and the hopes of the survivors. Family members of some victims were to sit with first lady Michelle Obama.

In an attempt at unity following the attack, some Democratic and Republican lawmakers planned to sit together. The focus on a new tone comes a year after Obama’s rebuke of a Supreme Court decision in his State of the Union speech led Justice Samuel Alito to mouth back from the audience, “Not true.”

Six justices, including Chief Justice John Roberts, were to attend Tuesday night. Alito was in Hawaii this week, and Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia were not attending.

The president’s speech focuses on federal spending for education, innovation and infrastructure as ways the government can support the country’s foundation and help businesses create jobs for a generation. He was pairing that with a call to reduce the federal debt and to make the government leaner.

Republicans chose Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to deliver the televised response to Obama’s address. He was planning to promote budget cuts as essential to responsible governing, speaking from the hearing room of the House Budget Committee, which he now chairs.

Public concern over government spending was a defining force in the 2010 midterm elections, and it is expected to remain so as Obama’s re-election drive begins. Yet Obama was unlikely to sign onto any specific ideas for addressing the country’s long-term debt.

The president was to give nods to American interests around the globe, with a traditional foreign policy section covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, terrorism threats and diplomacy. But his primary goal was for those watching to emerge with more confidence about the economy of the country and more clarity about his vision for it.

White House domestic policy director Melody Barnes said the president would strike an optimistic tone about the economy and American competitiveness, wrapping it all under a “win the future” rallying cry that he hopes will resonate with both workers and business executives and bind the political parties.

Obama’s budget freeze would not touch money related to national security or the politically popular but costly entitlement programs of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. He was also putting his weight behind a five-year plan developed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates to limit planned Pentagon budget increases by $78 billion over five years.

It all must be viewed in the context of his new political reality.

The midterm elections gave Republicans control of the House and a stronger minority vote in the Senate, meaning he hasn’t the option of pushing through changes over GOP objections. The contrast between the two parties’ visions remains stark, and questions about where to cut spending, and by how much, will drive much of the debate for the rest of 2011.

Obama is trying to emphasize economic priorities that can draw both public appeal and enough Republican consideration for at least serious debate. But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested Tuesday that Obama has a long road ahead as he tries to court GOP support.

“Voters sent a clear message in November. When it comes to jobs and the economy, the administration’s policies have done far more damage than good,” McConnell said on the Senate floor.

Can You Stand Tha Rain..

ii really do miss this kiind of music!

Come And Talk To Me

who remembers this songggg!?!?!


Just one question should pop in your mind when yu see these pics..WTH were people thinking!?!? …or were they NOT?

Moms ashes go out the window?

A Florida woman is accused by her ex-boyfriend of hitting him and throwing his mother’s
ashes through a window during an argument.

Police in Gainesville say 22-year-old Ashley Renee Oxendine was retrieving her belongings Monday from a home where the former couple had lived. T

They got into an argument that police say escalated into physical violence when Oxendine scratched the man and hit him in the face.

Police say Oxendine then picked up the urn containing the dead woman’s ashes and threw it at a window. The window broke and some of the ashes spilled.

Oxendine was arrested and charged with domestic battery and criminal mischief. She was released Tuesday on her own recognizance.

Do yu think she should have been released considering she threw someone’s ashes out of the window? Is it now wrong enough or she just got off easy?

Toyota Recalls 1.7 Million Vehicles For Fuel Leaks

Yiikes! Check out the news on Toyota’s…They have been having a few issues with cars lately!

Toyota recalled nearly 1.7 million cars worldwide Wednesday for fuel leaks, the latest in a ballooning number of quality problems that could add another dent to its tarnished reputation in the crucial U.S. market.

Toyota’s latest recalls are mostly in Japan, but they also include the IS and GS Lexus luxury models in North America, where the world’s No. 1 automaker faces the biggest obstacles to winning back customer trust.

Toyota’s U.S. sales lagged last year despite an industry recovery, putting General Motors Co. within reach of reclaiming its title as the world’s biggest car maker by number of vehicles sold. Toyota Motor Corp. became the top-selling automaker in 2008, dethroning GM after nearly 80 years of dominance.

There were no accidents suspected of being related to the latest recall, according to Toyota. The car maker said it had received 77 complaints overseas, 75 of them in North America, and more than 140 in Japan.

Koji Endo, auto analyst with Advanced Research Japan Co. in Tokyo, said the latest recall will cost Toyota about 20 billion yen ($240 million), and that won’t hurt its earnings performance by much.

“But there is that perception of here we go again, and that hurts Toyota’s image, especially in North America,” he said.

Toyota is likely trying to be aggressive with recalls, carrying them out quickly before they turn into bigger problems, and so the latest one is not a sign that quality is taking another plunge for the worse at the automaker, Endo said.

Still, the manufacturer – whose “Toyota Way” production methods have been praised and emulated around the world – can’t hope to claim to have put the problems behind it either.

The largest number of the affected vehicles was in Japan at nearly 1.3 million – the second-largest auto recall in the nation’s history – and involving two different problems.

The biggest recall in Japan was in 2005, also by Toyota, when nearly 1.3 million Corolla cars were recalled for a faulty headlight switch and some other problems, according to the Japanese transport ministry.

The latest quality hitch comes on top of the spate of massive recalls that began in late 2009, mostly in North America and which now cover more than 12 million vehicles.

Toyota has been struggling to regain its once solid reputation among buyers for producing reliable vehicles. The biggest damage to Toyota’s image has been in the U.S. where its response was seen as dallying.

The recalls since late 2009 include defective floor mats and gas pedals that get stuck, some of them suspected of causing unintended acceleration or runaway vehicles.

In one of the problems announced Wednesday, an improper installation of a sensor to measure fuel pressure may cause the sensor to loosen as a result of engine vibration over time, and possibly cause fuel leakage, the company said. That problem also affects 280,000 Lexus cars sold abroad, 255,000 of them in North America and 10,000 in Europe.

Included under that recall are the 2006 through 2007 Lexus GS300/350, 2006 through early 2009 Lexus IS250, and 2006 through early 2008 Lexus IS350 sold in the U.S.

Lexus dealers will inspect the vehicles for fuel leakage and will tighten the fuel pressure sensor with the proper torque, if nothing is leaking. If a leak is confirmed, the gasket between the sensor and the delivery pipe will be replaced, it said.

That same problem was also found in the Crown and Mark X models sold in Japan.

The second problem, which affects 141,000 Avensis sedans and station wagons sold in Europe, and New Zealand, was caused by irregular work on the fuel pipe, which may cause cracks and fuel leakage, Toyota said.

That problem was also found in 16 models sold in Japan, including the Noah subcompact, RAV4 sport-utility vehicle and Wish cars.

Toyota also recalled 6,000 trucks made by group company Daihatsu Motor Co., which were sold under the Toyota brand in Japan, for a problem with a metal part attaching a spare tire to the bottom of the truck. The tire could come loose and fall on the road, Toyota said.

In December, Toyota agreed to pay $32.4 million in fines to the U.S. government to settle the investigation into its handling of two recalls. The latest settlement was on top of the $16.4 million fine Toyota paid earlier.

Toyota has stayed popular in Japan, partly because government incentives for green vehicles sent sales of its Prius gasoline-electric hybrid booming.

Chief Executive Akio Toyoda, the grandson of the automaker’s founder, has vowed to regain trust and be quicker in responding to customer needs.

Toyota has held the spot of the world’s biggest automaker in annual vehicle sales for three years straight, including last year though General Motors was close behind. But some believe that Toyota’s relentless drive for growth hurt quality.

Toyota shares fell nearly 2 percent to close at 3,400 yen ($41) in Tokyo

Man Seeks Police Protection from Sex-Crazed Wife

WAIBLINGEN, Germany — A Turkish man living in Germany with his wife of 18 years went to police for protection from her insatiable appetite for sex, Bild newspaper reported Wednesday.

The man went to police in the southwestern German city of Waiblingen on Tuesday.

He told police he slept on a sofa for the past four years in a futile attempt to escape the voracious embraces of his wife.

German police said the exhausted man — who fathered two children with his wife — decided to get a divorce and move out of the home.

“He has decided to get a divorce and to move out … in the hope of finally getting some rest, particularly as he is anxious to arrive at work well rested,” police said.

“At the moment this is impossible because he says his wife keeps coming into the living room demanding that he perform his marital duties. He asked for police help in getting some sleep at night,” police added.

Now Trendsetter is just wondering..guys or whomever wants to comment…is having a wiife with a high sex driive a bad thing??

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