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New Artist Alert – Translee – Lost In The Sauce

Who is Translee? Translee is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Huntsville Alabama. In September 2016 he released a project titled, “#MAOTP Pt.1”. This joint called “Lost In The Sauce” is a track from the record. This single goes hard, nice visuals to go along with dope lyrical skills. My homie Rick recommended that I check out Translee and after listening to this jam I give him a thumbs up. You guys should listen to dude and support new artist.

“The Only One” by @SoFreeWisdom [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Representing Raleigh, North Carolina, by the way of Landsthul, Germany, the beautiful songstress SoFree Wisdom, will soon snatch the music industry in her grasp of harmonic melodies, soulful style, and charismatic performance energy, and the world will know of her incredible ability to produce classic music with ease. Residing in Raleigh since 2006, SoFree presently works diligently to finish up her well-anticipated album, ‘The Best Things In Life Are SoFree’, working alongside TracStar Rich, her key producer, as well as the love of her life – husband and number one supporter. SoFree’s musical creations will imprint in your mind as one of the most unique sounding voices, one has ever heard of for sure. To be compared to legends such as Alicia Keys, Monica, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera. Using music as a tool to uplift fans and listeners, during the many times life’s whirlwinds attempt to swallow our joy alive, SoFree manages to create music that comes from no where but the bottomless pits of only an emotion filled soul. Remember SoFree for her ambition, with the simple fact that the driven independent artist, can attest to have moved hundreds of her self-entitled EP projects, around the fastest growing city in the U.S., by using her social media campaigns as well as person-to-person sales – through various events – where she hosted or performed. SoFree is a woman of a healthy portfolio, from mixtape project hosting and to hosting and producing her own lively radio show for the Fleet DJ coalition’s internet platform, WWW.FLEETDJS.com, which featured independent artists from all over the world, as well as intense discussions on social-injustice topics that hit the hearts of many. Check out the NEW WEBSITE SoFreeWisdom.com !! “The Only One” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO!! Become a Fan on Facebook! Follow SoFree on Twitter!

New Music by A Tribe Called Quest “Dis Generation” 2017

If you are a 70’s or 80’s baby, you are probably going to appreciate this new treat by one of the dopest hip hop groups of all time. After the death of hip hop legend and group member Phife Dawg on March 22, 2016, platinum selling rap group A Tribe Called Quest is back with a hot new single called “Dis Generation”. This joint features dope verses by Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes while taking a walk through memory lane with the vintage visuals. Totally different from today’s hip hop, can A Tribe Called Quest re-gain the momentum they once had in the early and mid nineties?

Nicki Minaj didn’t stand up in the new video with Gucci Mane – Make Love

So Gucci Mane just dropped his new video “Make Love” featuring Nicki Minaj and the visual was quite interesting. Recently Remy Ma dropped an epic diss track “shETHER” in which she threw very disrespectful and embarrassing shots at Nicki, the queen of rap. Specifically, Remy talked bad about Nicki Minaj’s butt shots

“Now I don’t think yall understand how bad her ass got, the implants that she had put in her ass popped”.

Not to be bringing up old news, but in this video, one of the first visuals since Remy‘s diss record, I noticed that Nicki Minaj didn’t stay up not one time during her verse on this song. I’m just saying, most folk look forward to seeing any Nicki Minaj video to admire her bodily curves in addition to the bars that she usually spit. Well on this joint, you have to concentrate on the bars only, make you kinda wonder did Remy Ma really expose Nicki Minaj. Don’t hesitate to comment below.

New Artist Spotlight – Akbar V “Pray 4 My City Done” [YouTube Video]

Check out this new joint “Pray 4 My City Done” by Akbar V, a hot upcoming female hip hop artist from Atlanta, Ga. This song is a dedication to the city of Atlanta and a tribute to fallen OG”s such as the late Shawty Lo, Bankroll Fresh, OG Troup, OG Nut, and more. Akbar V is on a mission to hold it down for the female emcees and push good quality music for the world to enjoy. Check out this hot new video and support the independent artist!

Lit God – Sexin #LitGodChallenge [Official Video]

Check out this new music video by Crunk Incorporated artist and CEO Lit God “Sexin”. This joint was produced, written, and performed by the Lord of Crunk aka Lit God. Bro found Crunk legends Crime Mob and Lil Scrappy and just came up on Juju on That Beat and Do it Like Me real talk. The Music knows him as Serious Lord. The Business knows him as Tommy Phillips. He owns Crunk Incorporated and his money dont care what they mf call him…skurt. Twitter: crunk_inc Facebook: Crunk.Inc Instagram: crunk_inc

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