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The Game Freestyle over Fetty Wap Instrumental

Is The Game a real emcee or what? Do you think he can buss from the top of the dome with potent heat over a nice track? Listen to to The Game spittin bars over a Fetty Wap instrumental while at Power 106FM The Liftoff with Eric Dlux and Justin Credible while celebrating the release of his new album The Documentary 2 in stores now. Be honest and comment below with your opinion on this one.

New Artist Spotlight – Shaflo

Image of ShafloShneka Chante Williams (aka Shaflo), our new artist spotlight, was born on March 15th in Atlanta, Ga. She is known as the Hip Hop Legend. Her style is different from many other rap stars in the industry and her music makes your soul pop.
Shaflo gained her passion for music when she was only 8 years old. Back then she started writing poetry and singing in front of the mirror every day. As she got older Shaflo turned her poetry into songs and she started getting into Hip-Hop and even tried her hand in R&B. But one day Shaflo was listening to one of the biggest pop artist ever known, Madonna. She loved her style and how different she was and thats when Shaflo said I can master all genres of music. Then from there Shaflo started busting the walls down with her unique lyrics, unforgettable styles, and energetic moves.
Shaflo started showcasing her talent all over Atlanta, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. Everywhere she goes everyone knows her as Shaflo,#Showtime. She has performed in many venue’s and is now working in the acting scene so stay tuned for her apperence on Urban Hip Hop show Empire.
Shaflo continues to impress the audience with energy and style and thats what makes her different from all the rest. Although she has the skills of writing, and producing performing is her passion. Whenever you see Shaflo you will always remember that Shaflo is in the Building. Follow her on Instagram @ShafloWilliams and YouTube: Shaflo Williams Reverbnation: Queen Shaflo Email: shafloshaflo@yahoo.com

Would you smash 67 Year old Grace Jones

Grace Jones flashes her breastWould you smash 67 Year old Grace Jones? That’s a question many guys would ask after seeing her partially nude pictures surface online recently while at a book signing at a Barnes and Noble book store in New York. According to Dailymail.co.uk

She recently criticized Miley Cyrus and Rihanna for not adequately challenging the status quo and merely copying her exhibitionist feats from the 1970s.

And as if to prove the point 67-year-old Grace Jones flashed the cameras with her bare breasts at a book signing in New York on Thursday.

Personally, I think Grace Jones has done an amazing job preserving her body. It is rare for a woman her age to main six pack abs and I don’t have a problem with her flaunting it. Would I hit it though? I pled the 5th on this one. What about you? For the full story click on link Grace Jones flashes her breast.

Jack Thriller gets knocked out “BX Fight Club” hosted by Remy Ma

Recently ThisIs50 host Jack Thriller stepped in the squared circle for a boxing match without head gear against a guy name Proteus at the BX Fight Club. Jack Thriller, a bulky shaped guy with a pop belly was much bigger than Proteus, a chiseled specimen of a man with a very low percentage of body fat.

Late in the first round Jack Thriller realized that he wasn’t in the best of shape as his punches were much slower and he became fatigue. To be honest, Thriller really didn’t get knocked out cold but he did receive a couple of devastating punches that resulted to him hitting the canvas a couple of times. This event was hosted by the sexy female hip hop artist Remy Ma. You need to watch this footage and share it with your homies.

New Remix by Drake “Hotline Bling” featuring Erykah Badu

Young Money recording artist Drake pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this hot new remix. Hotline Bling was already blazing the airwaves and now Drake has stepped it up another notch by adding sexy R&B diva Erykah Badu to the song. If you’re an Erykah Badu fan, you are probably going to appreciate hearing her voice over this bangin track. Listen to this new joint and be the first to share it with your people.

All Star Steve predicts Falcons will lose against the Texans

zyrik 7u jonesboro falcons black

The Atlanta Falcons are 1 of 7 currently undefeated football teams in the NFL. (Bengals, Broncos, Cardinals, Packers, Panthers, and Patriots) The Houston Texans are coming off of their 1st win of the season against the 1-2 Buccaneers. The Texans first two losses were to the Chiefs and the Panthers and they are averaging less than 20 pts. per game. Arian Foster missed all 3 games with a groin injury but practiced all week. He’s a game day call but should be ready for Sunday will be a big boost in their offensive production.

The biggest challenge for Falcons will be blocking both Jadeveon Clowney and J.J. Watt. In the Bucs’ game they both looked extremely strong against the run and pass rushing. The piecemeal Falcons line has not played together long enough to withstand that kind of relentless pressure. Combine that with Texans stop the run first defense and it likely will prove too much for Falcons talented but inexperienced running backs and cancel any effectiveness from the run game.

That spells bad news when the defense can focus on pressuring Matt Ryan. He is much more effective when there is at least the threat of a run game. Julio Jones has shown that he can carry the offense and basically bailed out the Falcons against both the Giants and Cowboys. So expect guru defensive coach, Romeo Crennel, to attempt to double team and take Julio out of the game. That leaves Roddy White to try to step up, but he may have lost a step when the need for to get rid of the ball quickly will be at a premium.

Equally problematic for the Falcons is their passing game is predicated on using the size and strength of White and Jones to gain yards by running short to mid-range routes. Jones has the speed to run the longer routes but Ryan doesn’t have the arm strength to accurately reach him consistently.

Advantage Falcons playing at home but the game isn’t played in the stands. Have fun tailgating but expect Falcons 1st loss of the season.



Check out exotic dancer and sexy model Nikki Novelty “The Real Fire Queen” as she display her pole dancing skills in this video. @iam_NikkiNovelty has perfected the craft of shooting fire from her crotch during a twerkin session. If you like exotic dancing you should watch this visual and book Nikki Novelty for your next event or video.