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New single by Jep Roadie – SuperHeros

Jep roadie cover

Check out this new joint from 23 year old New England native Jep Roadie. The song is entitled “SuperHeros”. The production is nice and the lyrical content is dope. I wish much success to Jep Roadie, support this upcoming artist by listening to the track below.

“Speaking as the “lone wolf” that they always refer to, I can tell you what comes of seclusion. Plenty of self awareness and the yearning to save. Not in the way most “rappers” use the term nowadays. But in the traditional sense. Actually saving someone’s life. Of course, it is just an extension of our overall humanity and willingness to put others before ourselves. Nonetheless, I did not choose to save. I do not like to save. I simply need to save. It cannot be controlled. By day, I can’t really stand most human interaction. I find most to be self absorbed and simply lost. Most are lost because of the devices used to distract the world. But by night, I am the one howling at the moon in hopes it will reply. I don’t do this for recognition. I do not do this for monetary gain. It would be much easier to rob a bank than to become a superstar. I pretty much do this for a family member, I am yet to meet. I do it so that a lost soul may be revived by one of these recordings. The lone wolf always seems to be lonely. But maybe inside his heart, lives the voices of all. This is no sermon. I am not preaching. This is no attempt at being something I am not. I am writing this in hopes that someone will relate. That someone will understand what I am saying or how I feel. Until then, I will continue to write these songs. Everyone is a Super Hero in someone’s eyes. Ideas like that make life worth living. I love you. Sincerely, A 90’s baby, who was given PTSD.”

– Jep

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Kanye West Jumps on Table in Nandos “Whoever Wants A M@!F**K*N Picture, Let’s Do It Now!”

Well most celebrities put on hoodies, have security surround them..or sneak in back doors to shop so theyre not scene. Well Kanye West stands on tables and makes sure people acknowledge his damn presence. Lol Kanye takes pictures with fans!

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New Video: Ray Jr (@rayjr216) – “Twenty 1 Six”

Legit Paper artist and Cleveland, Ohio’s native son, Ray Jr, ended last year on a strong note by delivering the official visual for his street anthem “Same Crew” (currently playing on MTV 2). Returning for the first time this year, Ray reaches back into…

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Migos – Mr. Miyagi

Mr. Miyagi is known as a karate master, but is given a new twist by the Migos in their new cut of the same name. Check out the Zaytoven and Cassius Jay produced track below. Finesse: The Soundtrack is coming soon.

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A$AP Rocky – Indie ft. Sway Burr and Rich Homie Quan

A$AP Rocky lets go of a new track titled “Indie” featuring Sway Burr and Rich Homie Quan. The track may appear on his sophomore LP, so check it out after the jump.

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New Music: Adam Reverie (@AdamReverie) – “Beauty Is In You”

  Detroit’s Adam Reverie links with fellow native, Producer, Eli Myles to bring the drawing “Beauty Is In You” to life. Flipping Erykah Badu’s “4 Leaf Clover” set the landscape for a song such of this. Reverie’s clear message is always evident in…

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Wiz Khalifa Throws Birthday Bash for His Absent Son

Wiz Khalifa was ready to turn up really hard with his son Sebastian ‘The Bash’ Taylor Thomaz for his second birthday, but the thing is, the kid was missing. Taking it to Twitter, the Taylor Gang rapper shared a few photos of a birthday bash he threw…

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